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Naans & Curries restaurante, una experiencia Inolvidable

Naans & Curries restaurant provides you best Indian food in a memorable ambiance. It has rich taste of original Indian flavors. A dining experience not to be missed.

Restaurant is a place where not just the food, but the entire experience, including the ambiance, music, service, happiness and fellow diners are equally important. A great restaurant is the one where there are professional chefs and not the cooks, where the international restaurant team comprise of native people, who know the smallest detail of the flavors and ingredients. We found the same about Naans & Curriees at Momentum Lindora in Costa Rica - The finest Indian restaurant. Standing number 1 in all the restaurants reviewed by Trip Advisor recently in the area.

Visiting this place is an experience. The second floor is with wonderful combination of low height and dining seating, great modern arts, mosaic of colorful pictures depicting various important glimpses of India..In fact one of the pictures is from Bollywood (which churns out more movies than Hollywood every year)..From all time classic Indian movie called ?Sholey?. A great picture of Ravi Shankar, the Sitar maestro, the picture of Indian Cricket Team winning a cup, The famous Taj Mahal..and many more..

The modern art at second floor and the black & white pictures collection of various close up faces is a treat to eyes and senses.

Weather sitting in open to enjoy the fresh breeze, near to the Tandoor area, or second floor comfortable area? called? Darbaar Hall?, Naans & Curries has different dining areas as per one?s preference and mood. Naans & Curries also provide outdoor catering service and second floor? Darbaar Hall? for private events and group gatherings.

The white cotton table linen with three layers, fresh white crisp napkins, French crockery and large wine glasses, adds to the welcoming ambience.

Naans & Curries represent today?s modern India where integrity in the recipes drives flavorful cuisine. Two Indian chefs use special charcoal fired? Tandoors?, exotic ingredients from various parts of India and authentic recipes to provide original flavors. Naans & Curries serve Vegan, gluten free and vegetarian dishes also.

The traditional Indian dining approach allows you to choose a variety of starters and entrees to share. The main meal comprises of selection of vegetables, lentils or meat dishes. As a side, aromatic and long grain Basmati rice adds to the flavors. The Indian bread called ?Naan? is freshly baked individually in the clay ovens..The types of Naans served are so delicious. Garlic Naan, Butter Naan, Cheese stuffed Naan and many more.. Signature chutneys of Tamarind, Mint and spicy mix are so flavorful.

The drinks menu include traditional Indian yogurt based drinks like Mango Lassi (a wow), Elaichi (cardamom) Lassi, Masala Chaai and many more. Regulars like single malt whiskies, wines and straights are also having good range to choose from.
The Dessert selection has all-time favorite warm Gulab Jamun with Rabri, very selected sweet dishes- Vattalapam and Maalpua.
To expand dining experiences, the team is happy to recommend wines from vast selection with food choices. The atmosphere is stylish, cozy with a blend of sophistication. Warm and fabulous interior are designed by GWC, a company specializing in wonderful blend of rich traditional and contemporary designs.

In this restaurant the service by team of professional staff adds positively to the experience. The waiters are always ready to give you recommendations and also help in making great selection, if one is savoring Indian food for the 1st time. In addition to English and Spanish, the team speaks various Indian languages? Hindi and Punjabi also.

Open every day of the week from 11:00 am till 10:00 pm, the Naans & Curries time schedule well fits in one?s agenda.
The Management team member is generally there to ensure you are treated with warmth and care?, as it is said in India ?Atithi Devo Bhava?.. a pious host ? guest relationship..

Indeed a memorable dinin

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