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Momentum Pinares, Curridabat, 2271 7777

Inaugurated Naans & Curries

In 2013, when Kapil Gulati and his friends in the Indian community inaugurated the Naans & Curries restaurant, near Lindora, they were eager to give this place a new flavor.

They sought to highlight among the new generations that operate in different global cultural. To this end, the restaurant is designed in a contemporary style.

"The atmosphere of the restaurant makes it a unique and contemporary place," said Gulati, who has worked as a senior executive for over 20 years, has traveled around the world and collect details of the richest cultures.

"When people first come to the restaurant, some with some experience in Indian food, but many without it, we expressed concern about the spicy food, but after trying it surprised we discussed the wonderful experience with our flavors "he adds.

Ethnic cuisine adapted to the Costa Rican palate can be difficult. The misconception, for example, is that Indian food is spicy or spicy for the Ticos palates, but if it were not not considered authentic.

"The only change we made was to eliminate the layer of spicy. So we kept the original recipes and fresh as do the 5 star restaurants in India, "said Gulati, who opened a second restaurant in Pinares, Curridabat, designed like an Indian palace.

In addition, the menu offers various options for vegetarian, vegan, allergic to gluten or with special needs in their diet people. Each dish can be made as unique as the client wishes.

"Our four highly qualified and experienced in our two restaurants Hindu chefs are always looking delight the palate of our customers with his culinary skills," says Kapil. "The ovens 'Tandoor' soul of any Indian restaurant were imported from India and are always ready to prepare our bread 'Naan' with garlic, butter, mint or conventionally. The cuisine in our restaurants is very real."

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