Momentum Lindora, Santa Ana, 2282 0001
Momentum Pinares, Curridabat, 2271 7777


Inaugurated Naans & Curries

{:en} In 2013, when Kapil Gulati and his friends in the Indian community inaugurated the Naans & Curries restaurant, near Lindora, they were eager to give this place a new flavor. They sought to highlight among the new generations that operate in different global cultural. To this end, the restaurant is designed in a contemporary…
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An Urban Indian Restaurant

Naans & Curries restaurant provides you best Indian food in a memorable ambiance. It has rich taste of original Indian flavors. A dining experience not to be missed. Restaurant is a place where not just the food, but the entire experience, including the ambiance, music, service, happiness and fellow diners are equally important. A great…
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